TOP 10 Awesome Things to do in Thailand

There is so much to do in Thailand that it’s almost impossible to list everything here on this article. From trekking in the north, the floating markets in Bangkok to fun and sun in the south. Thailand is a tourist mecca and following are some fun activities for you to do whilst  holidaying in Thailand.

Visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok

If your in Bangkok for a couple of days and have some spare time like most people have, make sure you head over to the Grand Palace. This was built in 1782 and would undoubtably be the most recognisable landmark in Bangkok. It’s a massive and very impressive golden building on a large scale. In fact, you will need a few hours here just to absorb the beauty and design. The Palace isn’t the only attraction here. Be sure to visit the Emerald Buddha & Wat Pho which is Thailands largest reclining Buddha – this is where you are going to get some fantastic shots for your Facebook page. Try to make it here at night when it’s cooler and when the whole Palace is illuminated – this makes for a seriously cool sight. Please also note that you do need to dress accordingly as the Palace is considered the spiritual heart of Thailand. Girls, no short dresses and guys please wear long pants.

grand palace in bangkok

Try some elephant trekking in Chiang Mai

The national symbol of Thailand is the elephant and the Thai’s love to offer tourists rides on these wonderful creatures through forests and jungles. I know this may not be for some people but these fantastic animals are treated with respect and the tourist trade helps in providing them with food and shelter.

Bangkok’s floating markets

The floating markets in Bangkok are a real treat and probably one of the most visited places by tourists.Enjoy the sights and sounds and local vendors sell everything from their wooden boats on the river. Fruits, vegetables and souvenirs are all sold by mostly women on the nimble boats. This is a morning activity so you will need to leave your Bangkok Hotel early to make it in time. make sure you bring your camera as this is a photographers dream.

floating markets bangkok

Khao Yai National Park

This park is just to the north of the capital of Bangkok and it a listed heritage park by UNESCO which means it is well worth the visit. It’s a full day out here exploring the wonders of Thailand’s natural plants and spectacular scenery. You will have to start early to see most of this fantastic park.

Make sure you visit Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi island in the south is a must see area of Thailand. Yes there are heaps of tourists here but you can still escape them to swim in the warn tropical waters, and walk on the incredibly white sand beaches. Spending a couple of days here is a great way to really unwind and soak up the Thai sunshine and recharge your batteries. The local food, friendly people and of course the natural scenery that Phi Phi is famous for make this a perfect holiday destination in Thailand.

phi phi island

Railay Beach for Scuba Heaven

If you happen to be in the provence of Krabi then make a bee line for Railay Beach. It’s dotted with stunning lagoons and striking cliff faces and yes there is the beach with it’s warm waters and those legendary Thai white sands. If your into your scuba diving or snorkelling this is the place to be as the marine life here is rich. The clear waters of this protected marine park means that the corals are alive and thriving with tropical fish a plenty. Spend a few days here exploring, topping up your tan and of course doing some scuba diving. The only access to the beach is by boat so make sure you are well stocked, especially with your sun tan lotion.

Similan Islands are absolutely gorgeous

Coming to Similan Islands is a real escape from the  packed tourist areas of Thailand. Here t’s all about small crowds enjoying the ocean especially the reef where scuba divers enjoy the incredible marine life. The underwater visibility here is awesome which makes this protected marine park one of the best in the world and that’s saying something!

Similan Islands

Phang Nga Bay…you know where the James Bond film was made

For those lovers of James Bond films a visit to the gorgeous Phang Nga Bay is a must see. You will need to get a fast boat here but unfortunately you will be among the many tourists coming as this place is a tourist hot spot. having said that, it is worth it purely to say that you have been where they filmed a James Bond flick.

Visit Koh Samui

A small yet very popular island on the south east coast Samui is seriously cool and uber chic. Popular with everyone from back packers to the jet set, travellers come to Samui for the food, scenery, waters, chilling out and the nightlife. Samui is where you come to really let your hair down, unwind, stay at a fabulous beachfront villa or a 5 star luxury Koh Samui hotel on the beach. many visitors to Thailand will only come to Koh Samui as their preferred destination. A visit here and you will immediately see why; the place is just so naturally beautiful and laid back. This is a must see destination. If you are thinking about visiting Samui it’s a great idea to spend a good week here so you can truly immerse yourself in the vibe.

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Wat Chaeng in Bangkok

The famous river running through the heart of Bangkok is the Chao Phraya river and on this famed water is the Wat Chaeng Temple – and its very famous and well visited by tourists. If your staying in a hotel by the river all you need to do is get a boat here which can be easily organised. This makes for a great afternoon trip as it’s an ideal place to watch the sun go down.

Wat Chaeng