What is the best time of year to go to Bali

Bali has 2 very distinct seasons; the wet season, running from November through to March and a dry season running from April to late October. During the rainy season it can rain for days on end depending on where you are on the island, but for those in Seminyak and the southern part of Bali, the wet season is characterised by late afternoon 30 min downpours of heavy tropical rain. The rest of the day is fine. During the dry season, it’s pretty much hot and dry the whole time.

How long does it take to fly to Bali from Australia?

For the east coast (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) its about a 6 hour plane flight and from the west coast, (Perth) it’s about a 3 hour flight.

Do I need a visa for travelling to Bali?

All Australian citizens need a visa upon arrival in Bali. The cost is US$30 and this is given to you upon arrival. A helpful tip here is to pay them in US dollars when you arrive as the exchange rate they give you at the airport can be very low and work against you.

How far is Seminyak from the airport and how much is a taxi to the hotel in Seminyak?

Its about a 30 minute taxi ride depending on the time of day you are going and the traffic conditions. It can get quite bad during peak hours and a 1 hour trip is not uncommon. The cost generally is about Rp 25 000 or $25. You can organise a taxi once you arrive at the airport, but some hotels will have a free airport pick up and transfer with their package. Make sure you ask about this.