Nightlife in Phuket, Bar & Clubs, What to do at Night in Phuket

Thailand’s island of Phuket has a nightlife that certainly persuades travelers around the world to flock here and experience the liveliness once the sun goes down. The Patong Beach area is, without a doubt, the center of the island’s nightlife scene. Head here for a buzzing party atmosphere that starts late in the evening and goes on until the sun comes up.

Bangla Road is where much of this action-packed energy takes place every night. The range of go-go bars, nightclubs, indoor/outdoor beer bars, ladyboys, and cabaret shows is endless, while the cheap street food keeps you going throughout the night. In the evening, the road becomes pedestrian-only, with street performers, tailor-shop salesmen, street vendors, and leaflet distributors all vying for your attention at every turn. The neon-lights, loud music, and flowing alcohol make for a memorable night out for most travelers desiring to get a taste of that distinct Patong experience. Bangla Road is divided into nine small lanes known as ‘Soi’s’, which offer their fair share of bars, nightclubs, and other lively entertainment.

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Since the layout can be a tad overwhelming, below is a short list that will help you navigate your way through Patong’s prime party district.

  1. Soi Seadragon: This is a 100-metre length central area and home to the most-renowned go-go bars in Patong like Suzy Wong’s, Devil’s Playground, Diablo, and Foxy Lady. Here you’ll also find popular beer bars like Two Brother’s, Crow’s Nest, Mickey Mouse, and the Scandinavian, a common spot for visiting celebrities.
  2. Soi Tiger: This lane used to be the best bar area on Soi Bangla until the spotlight shifted to Soi Lion and, more recently, the new Tiger complex just across the street. Today it’s still home to the famed Tiger Disco, with its cave-like design and steamy party atmosphere. Soi Tiger is also home to about two or so dozen beer and hostess bars, such as Crazy Horse, Sin City Bar, and Star 69.
  3. New Soi Tiger: This new entertainment complex has three floors, each decorated with tigers, bright lights, and a legendary Flintstone-looking cave. This newer and modern Soi is about three times larger than the old Tiger one. Here you’ll also find bars like Stockholm, Pink Paradise, Mini Cooper, Q Bar, and Blix. The new Soi Tiger is competing to become the primetime spot for nightlife entertainment along Soi Bangla.
  4. Soi Lion: Although once awesome enough to steal the spotlight from the older Soi Tiger, this indoor lane has now been turned into a small shopping center, Bangla Mall. It is located at the very beginning of Bangla Road.
  5. Soi Vegas: From afar, Soi Vegas looks more quiet and dimly-lit, however, ths lane is home to an array of admired go-go bars, such as Moulin Rouge Russian and Money Night, as well as the location for popular nightclubs such as Tao, Seduction Complex, and the Illuzion Complex a little further down the road. Here you’ll also find Cocktails & Dreams, a ladyboy bar that hosts free cabaret shows for a surely memorable night out.
  6. Soi Freedom (Soi Eric): Once the only lane playing the same music throughout the entire street, Soi Freedom has lost a distinctive quality by trying to standardize its bars with the rest. Today, each bar blares different music competing with one another. This narrow, beer-bar lined street has its fair share of plasma televisions, neon-signs, and chrome poles with dancers that make each bar indistinguishable from the other. Here you will find Smiley Bar, Freedom Bar, and the not-so-subtle, Blowjob Bar.
  7. Soi Crocodile: Found in the middle section of Soi Bangla, this lane is famous for its “Katoeys”, or more popularly known as ladyboys. There is a front stage where there is a free show for passerby’s, but you can also venture to another stage inside that has been designed to lure in customers. If you want to take a photo, it will cost you a tip around 100 baht.
  8. Soi Gonzo: This Soi has recently become a building site, although you can still find a good time at the popular Aussie Bar Complex on one end and a small disco, White Room Nightclub, on the other end.
  9. Soi Easy: Soi Easy is located closest to the beach and is the last lane on Bangla Road. Once a collection of indoor beer bars and discos, today travelers visit to experience a more family-friendly area; a large food court, complete with food stalls selling mostly Thai dishes, but some Western options as well. For those still in search of the go-go scene, The Secret, is hidden directly at the end. You can also access the VIP Room Patong Beach at Soi Easy for a classier night out.

Other spots directly on Patong Beach to check out for a vibrant nightlife include:

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Away from the Patong area, Phuket has an array of nightlife options on other parts of the island too. Beach clubs and sunset bars are the latest trend, so make sure to scope some of these out on a night out. The beaches of Surin, Kata, Kamala, Bangtao, Nai Yang, Promthep Cape, and Chalong Bay offer the most coveted selections. Phuket Town also had many options for live music with local flavors, as well as the famed culturally-infused performance, Siam Niramit Phuket.

Whatever your taste, the island of Phuket will easily live up to it’s dynamic nightlife reputation as the best choice for your next holiday destination.