All you need to know about Pattaya plus the best hotel and resort accommodation.

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Pattaya is a city that never sleeps. It is pumping 24/7. This happening, energetic, electrifying seaside city became really popular in the 1980’s and has continued to grow. This place is busting at the seams with travellers coming from all over the world to experience the unique Pattaya vibe & atmosphere.

From dawn till dusk the beaches of Pattaya are jam packed with people enjoying all types of water sports and sun worshipers coming from the colder European climates absorbing as much vitamin E as they can before heading off back home. At night the actions moves from the beach and heads to the streets where the pace really hots up. Pattaya is synonymous with it’s hectic, energetic nightlife, girly bars & clubs where tourists come to party till dawn.

Apart from this hedonistic lifestyle, Pattaya City is growing into a fully fledged metropolis that’s literally 150 km from Bangkok. With this explosion in tourist numbers there has been a marked rise in new hotel and resort developments catering to the masses that make their way here. It’s proximity to Bangkok makes perfect sense for Bangkok locals, ex pats and visitors to hit Pattaya for a weekend escape to the beach.

Pattaya is also slowly shedding it’s party / seedy image and transforming itself into a resort style destination for European, Australian, NZ, US and Asian tourists. Families  and couples with children can now be found here on the beach enjoying snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing and swimming. It really has morphed into a world class ‘go to’ holiday hot spot.

Pattaya is brimming with accommodation options that cater for families, groups, Thai locals and backpackers. Basically, there is enough types of accommodation here to cater for all tastes and accommodation budgets.

Is this your first time to Pattaya?

Without having been to Pattaya before plus with the 1000’s of hotel options available, you may end up choosing a hotel in the wrong part of town. Whilst it may not be as big as Bangkok, the area of Pattaya is still large enough to have very distinct beach areas. Following are some helpful tips to help you choose the best Pattaya hotel for your holiday.

Should I book my hotel room at Pattaya Beach?

Pattaya has a worldwide reputation for seedy clubs and bars and for the sheer density of these nothing in Thailand compares to Pattaya. All you need to do is hit Walking Street and your senses will be fully assaulted with neon lights, loud music and girls trying to lure you in. Pattaya Beach is all about nightlife, girls, alcohol and party time. Having said all that, this really applied to one part of Pattaya; the southern end of town. The northern end is more family friendly and obviously quieter. The accommodation options follow respectively with the southern end offering cheap budget style hotels to the northern end where you get 5 star luxury high end resorts. The City has a huge selection of restaurants and shopping options to keep visitors and tourists happy.

Pattaya Beach is not ideal for sun baking or swimming, but Cosy Beach, near Pattaya Hill – is ideal and  Koh Larn’s amazing beach is just a short ferry ride away.

Pattaya Beach is awesome for:

  • People who just love to party hard
  • Cheap budget accommodation, backpackers in the south to families in the north
  • Travellers that like a busy, bustling city with lots going on
  • If you like to have all the shops, bars, restaurants and hotels in one place – it’s super easy to get around and find things to do.

It is not ideal for:

  • Quiet down time
  • The main beach is somewhat polluted, crowded. The smaller beaches close by are much better for swimming.
  • It can get very seedy at night – think adult entertainment

Should we stay at Jomtien Beach?

Often over looked by tourists the Jomtien Beach area is so much more chilled than Pattaya. The area has a lot to offer toursist in the way of fine dining and some cool shopping centres. Jomtien is much more family friendly with a less hectic nightlife scene, great water theme parks and a long beach. The northern part of Jomtien is also known for being gay friendly.

Jomtien offers a much more traditional and cultural Thai experience than Pattaya with attractions like Buddha Mountain, the famous floating markets and various temples and museums. For accommodation there is ample cheap hotels and guest houses in the 3-4 star range.

Jomtien is great for:

  • Families with children or couples wanting a more relaxed holiday vibe
  • Budget travellers and foodies that want to enjoy Thai and western cuisine.

It’s not so good for:

  • People that like everything close by as distances here can be an issue
  • Nightlife is very tame here

Should I book my hotel accommodation at Naklua & Wong Amat?

Wong Amat has got the nicest beach area in the Pattaya region. Here you will fine clean beaches with soft rolling surf and dotted along the beach are great restaurants and 5 star hotels. Look out for the Sanctuary of Truth as this is an iconic destination in Pattaya.

It is great for:

  • Families with kids and holiday makes that like 5 star hotel options
  • Beach goers that enjoy water sports.

It’s not ideal for:

  • People that like shopping as there is very limited shopping options here.
  • There is no nightlife – for that you have to hit Pattaya Beach

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