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Top 10 Local Restaurants in Ko Samui

Thai food is famous for its explosive flavors, spices and an utterly delicious taste but nothing quite prepares you for Thai food cooked by the local Thai people using fresh ingredients, fresh local produce and the wonderful Thai fragrant spices.

The top 10 on our list may not be the high end, award winning restaurants or the most popular but these are the restaurants which have stayed true to the original Thai recipes without compromise. You cannot get any more local than this – isn’t that what you want on a holiday? Also, if you are backpacking or on a tight holiday budget these local vendors are seriously cheap. You can get a meal for less than $10 Aussie dollars. Also, if you are going with a family, there are always tables where you can sit down outside and feed you, the wife and the kids for under $50 ( for 4 people). These local outdoor Thai markets have a fantastic atmosphere. Try it once and you will be going back every night!

Enjoying a local meal in one of these spots during your stay in Ko Samui is one experience you won’t forget. There are so many local restaurants all over the island; Chaweng, Lamia, Bophut etc that you are going to be seriously spoiled for choice. Also, just because it’s local does mean it’s not totally 100% fresh, healthy and safe to eat for Westerners. What ever you do don’t deprive yourself from eating locally because you think you will get sick, because you won’t.

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Located in the popular tourist town of Chaweng, Mit Samui Restaurant is one dining experience you do not want to miss. The pair of giant light-up lobsters in front of the restaurants tells you that you are in for a seafood treat. Boasting to be the biggest Thai food and seafood restaurant in Samui, this restaurant has rich menu with over 200 delicacies. The lobster in tamarind sauce and the stir fried crab in yellow curry are some of the dishes that make this place famous and it is totally affordable too. Just see how cheap these dishes are.

For a lovely dinner for two, the Kung Pao is the perfect choice. Located along the Chaweng Beach road, this cozy restaurant is quite popular for its delicious seafood dishes. Choices of crabs, lobsters, fish, tiger prawns and oysters are available and are combined into a lovely banquet for two with a reasonable price. You can choose various combinations from the fresh daily catch displayed out front, and rice is added to the meal for free. With friendly and efficient staff, this restaurant is a must try for tourists looking to experience Thai food at its best.

Samui D BBQ is known for its buffet styled seafood dishes and very reasonable prices. A popular among the locals, this restaurant serves really delicious Thai food at very affordable prices. It also has an a la carte menu with variety of dishes. When at the Samui D BBQ, don’t hesitate to try dishes like tom yam goong, stir fried morning glory and pad krapow. These are the popular choices that you are sure to enjoy.

Thong Suk Bar and Restaurant is a popular spot among the locals because of the tasty food, the live music, pleasant staff and open sided buildings. All these combine to create a lively and enjoyable restaurant that you cannot afford to miss out on. The popular dishes include stir fried seafood with black pepper and tom yum goong all reasonably priced and utterly delicious.

A typical Thai restaurant, Krua Aow Thai Seafood serves really delicious seafood dishes as suggested by its name. If you are looking to have a lovely lunch or dinner, then this restaurant is definitely the best bet. The restaurant is very spacious making it almost impossible to feel cramped or uncomfortable. The prices are quite affordable but for a little extra, you can enjoy amazing delicacies such as steamed black pomfret in sweet plum sauce or deep fried striped snakehead fish in curry soup.

Ploy Samui Seafood and Thai food is a small restaurant located just off the main road and styled in a very local Thai way. This restaurant has quite a limited range of western cuisine but when it comes to traditional Thai dishes, the Ploy Samui Seafood and Thai food has a vast array of options. You can sample the fried squid in curry sauce or the steamed fish in lemon sauce. With proximity to the beach, delicious food and great prices, it is no wonder this restaurant is a favorite among the locals and tourists alike.

The Green Bird restaurant is quite simple looking but you are surely in for a treat. The walls of the restaurant are covered with reviews left by customers over time who were impressed with the Thai food served by this restaurant leaving you in no doubt of the Green Bird being quite popular among tourists. Enjoy a lovely meal of fried basil and chilli with seafood and fried rice with seafood. These delicious dishes are very popular with the tourists and the Green Bird restaurant is one restaurant you definitely have to dine in while in Thailand.

Isaan Tam Thai is a very traditional Thai restaurant located just by the side of the main road around Koh Samui. Due to its opening hours, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in this restaurant. This restaurant serves very delicious seafood barbecues with great prices. An interesting feature is the lovely cabana styled dining tables. Though the staff is pleasant, they do not speak a lot of English but don’t let that deter you. Simply point at your choice and that should do the trick.

Trang Samui Pochang is a very simplistic restaurant serving very delicious Thai food at really unbeatable prices. Popular Thai dishes such as fried rice, noodle soup, pad krapow and duck are some of the dishes offered by this restaurant and the prices are quite low. Small, clean and colorful, this is one restaurant where you can relax and enjoy the good food served by really pleasant staff.

Open for just lunch and dinner, Surat restaurant is a small, cozy restaurant located on Chaweng’s famous Soi Green Mango. Removed from all the popular bars and clubs, this restaurant serves really delicious Thai dishes at quite affordable prices. Popular choices include the fried clams with chilli sauce which you are sure to enjoy amidst clean, quiet and comfortable surroundings.

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