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Top 10 Chaweng Shopping

When it comes to the best shopping options in the entire Samui Island, then Chaweng is the King of the hill. A tourists favorite, Chaweng is littered with a vast array of shopping options ranging from really trendy, upbeat malls to more serene local niches where you can discover lovely local pieces and hard to beat bargains. Make sure you take your bargaining skills with you.

With such variety of shopping options present in Chaweng, it can become a challenge choosing a place to shop so we are here to help. We have identified the Top Ten Shopping in Chaweng ranging from exclusive boutiques to the cozy stalls of the Walking Street. Whatever your shopping preferences might be, rest assured you will find something that’s just made for you.

Relatively new, Central Festival Samui is a bustling mall located between Chaweng Beach Road and the lake. You must absolutely pay a visit to Central Festival because it is everything you need wrapped into one. From high end boutiques, to fine dining options, to department stores, XD theatre, a Horror house, to mention a few, there is little that you would desire both in terms of shopping and fun, that you wouldn’t find in this wonderful place.

The shopping experience that awaits you at Chaweng Walking Street is a different ball game. Experience the culture and passion of Chaweng as you stroll between the row of stalls haggling with the vendors and making unbelievable purchases. Yes! You can haggle. Do not pay the asking price. You would discover “brands” at knock off prices, beachwear, Sarongs and traditional pieces that will make good presents for friends and family back home. And when you get hungry, just stop at a food stand and buy delicious snacks and cocktails that you can munch on as you keep shopping.

Located right on Chaweng Beach road, Amazonas are two chic boutiques with a perfect blend of modern, retro and traditional. Items such as lingerie, beachwear, sportswear and accessories can be gotten at this spot. The prices are not rock bottom but it is worth the treasures you will find in this lovely boutique. Both boutiques are located near dining options so do not worry about getting hungry as you go about your shopping.

Iyara Shopping Plaza is part of the luxurious Iyara Beah hotel. In this plaza, you will find several men and women clothing items, accessories and lovely antique jewelries and crafts. It is such a cozy place and it carries some international brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, Lacoste, etc. Feel free to shop till you drop and do not hesitate to visit the chic bakery, La Croissanterie where you can buy delicious pastries and snacks after you are done shopping or when you take a break. It is truly worth it.

If you find yourself at the Central festival Samui and you just happen to love silk, then by all means, locate the Jim Thompson shop for all things silk. You will find beautiful silk dresses, shirts, ties and even toys and they are all made in Thailand. Isn’t this just a perfect spot to buy the perfect present as a souvenir for your loved ones back home? I bet you it is.

As the name already suggests, Classic Gems is a high end retailer of original and beautiful jewelry pieces. Located right in the heart of Chaweng along the Chaweng Beach road, this store is very reliable. Gems available include 20 carat diamond pieces, exquisite broaches, bracelets, earrings, amongst all fear. If you are looking for high quality jewelry, then the Classic Gem is the right place and the stones can be expertly cut into a shape of your choice in the owner’s private workshop.

Located right across from the Centara Grand Beach Resort, Life’s a Beach is a small boutique offering classy pieces to ensure you have a great time on the beach. You will find beachwears, bikinis, light gowns, wide brimmed hats and sunglasses, etc. Though a bit higher priced than its neighbors, you can be sure of the quality being offered by this Australian retailer. Be sure to check this place out.

If you are a fan of skin art, then you are in for a treat. About 20 studios make up the tattoo studios and they are all within reach. Located either close to the beaches or to various entertainment scenes, these tattoo studios offer several designs for customers to choose from. Do not be wary of their appearances, they are very clean and well maintained. You might want to visit Starcat Tattoo renowned for how long it has been around, you are sure to be satisfied with the inked design on your skin.

Udom Agg Findig is the ideal choice to buy leather bags, shoes, wallet, etc., in fact, you can buy anything leather at this trendy shop. Offering great prices, this shop is located right in the heart of Chaweng. It is spacious, making shopping easy, comfortable and stress free. You are sure to find really amazing and high quality leather items at this small, cozy store. It is definitely worth a try.

Chandra is certainly not your run of the mill boutique in Chaweng. It offers stylish, classy and trendy pieces all designed and made with the finest of fabrics. Using locally sourced materials, the owners create stylish clothing items that can be worn comfortably in tropical regions. Though you will pay more at Chandra than you would at any of the other boutiques around it, you will surely not get the same high quality fabrics as you would if you shop at Chandra.

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