Koh Samui

Shopping in Ko Samui

No Ko Samui holiday is complete without hitting the shops and I mean lots and lots of shopping in Samui.

The best shops are scattered all over the island from Chaweng with its big malls and boutiques, to Lamai and to Maenam which have smaller shopping choices than Chaweng. Though some stores and supermarkets have fixed prices, you can totally bargain at the markets and privately owned stores.

Check out our Top Ten Shopping options in Samui for you shopaholics.

Located in the bustling Chaweng, Central Festival has completely changed the face of shopping in Chaweng. This huge shopping mall has everything you might ever think of. It has four sections which are the Chaweng Port, Fisherman Village, Bird Cage and Beach Town market. Chaweng port has the finest restaurants, Fisherman Village hosts department stores, a playground for kids and even a horror house, Bird Cage section is best for fashion items and Beach Town market hosts the food court and an XD theatre. Open from 11am to 11pm this is an ideal spot for not just shopping but also hanging out with friends or family.

Samui Hot club is a cool shopping spot in Lamai that sells mostly made in Thailand items which makes it just perfect for shopping for gifts for friends back home. Beware though that once paid for, this shop wouldn’t give you a refund and you can’t try on the items. Don’t let these restrictions scare you though because they have lovely clothing items ranging from sarongs, beach wears and comfortable T-shirts. You are sure to get a great bargain here so ensure to check it out.

If you are looking to shop in Chaweng and haggle, then you have to visit the Chaweng Walking Street. Styled as an open market, tourists will have a great time walking from stall to stall bargaining on the prices of various items like sunglasses, watches, bags etc.

walking street ko samui

As you shop, you can also have a taste of Thai delicacies from the various food stands lining the Chaweng Walking streets. Live bands are at various corners making this vibrant place a shopping experience like no other.

Buddy Oriental plaza is chic and serene and gives you a more laid back shopping experience than the frenzied kind experienced in Chaweng Walking Street. With ample parking space and comfortable shaded areas, this place located in Lamai holds a massive appeal to tourists. It consists of boutiques, restaurants serving Italian cuisine an intercontinental dishes, pubs and a nice children’s playing area. This makes it just perfect as you can shop, get something to eat and your kids can have some fun, all at the same location. Awesome!

For a boisterous, noisy family shopping experience, the Maenam Walking Street is just ideal. Open on just Thursday evenings, this place is always packed and always vibrant. Packed with stalls selling different items from handcrafted arts, to denims and sunglasses, you will have fun haggling with the vendors while sipping on cocktails and munching on some snacks which can be easily gotten from other stalls. Beware that parking might be a problem so you might want to come earlier than 5pm and find adequate parking.

Bophut Plaza is an interesting shopping experience and is located halfway along the main street in Bophut. It has open sided stalls offering different items from copies of famous brands of watches, clothing, jewelry and lovely ceramic wares. A popular shop to visit is the Piti’s art shop with its lovely array of original art made by the owner and his girlfriend. You can also find a textile shop with rich Thai fabrics which are just perfect as souvenirs. Do not be afraid to haggle with the vendors and make a great buy during your holiday.

Open every day from 5pm, Lamai Night Plaza is one of the best shopping experiences in the area. Located just opposite Mcdonald’s, this plaza is an interesting mix of items of international brand copies and genuine, local, handmade items. Explore the stalls and discover hidden treasures and do not pay the asking price. You are expected to bargain and haggle with the vendors with a smile on your face.

Chaweng Beach Road shopping is perfect for tourists looking to buy imported brands, jewelry, sportswear, beachwear, etc. On the beach road, several shopping options present themselves, from the Life’s a Beach shop with its beautiful choices of beach wears, to Amazonas which sells anything from beachwear to lingerie and other fashion items. Explore the Chaweng Beach Road and discover the treasures it holds.

Saona Collection is a chic boutique particularly targeted towards female shoppers. It offers a beautiful array of beach wear, accessories, clothing items and lingerie and they are all Thai made. This boutique has a very traditional feel to it as is evidenced by the décor and the goods available. The prices are fixed but not so rigidly. You might get discounts for buying a lot of items if you are lucky but the fixed prices are quite affordable too.

Open every Friday from 5pm, the Fisherman Village Walking Street is a vibrant hopping experience. It is located in the Fisherman Village in Bophut and has a lot of stalls with T-shirts, hand crafted pieces, sunglasses, etc. Some high end boutiques you should totally pay a visit to are Saona Collections and Amrapalli. Take your time as you stroll from stall to stall, haggling and bargaining with the vendors and scooping up really beautiful items at really affordable prices. When tired, you can stop in any coffee or beer shop that can be found throughout the Fisherman Village Walking Street.