Koh Samui

Ko Samui Nightlife and Bars, What to see do and where to go for a fun night out.

Ko Samui nightlife is known through out the world as a party island. If you want you can party from dusk till dawn 7 days a week, if you are young enough and if you have the energy. Ko Samui really delivers when it comes to cheap alcohol, loud music, lively bars and packed clubs.

The king and 27/7 party area without the shadow of a doubt on Samui is Chaweng. It’s the duplicate of the Patong area in Phuket and it’s the -place for cheap booze, girly bars, exclusive clubs (most people can get in, they just market it as exclusive) and dance clubs. If you want a night out with your friends or if you are travelling alone and want to meet someone, then hit Chaweng. It won’t disappoint!

Other areas of Samui such as Lamia, Bophut and Maenam also have some nightlife, but nothing compares to Chawend – in fact it doesn’t even come close.

To make it easier for you to decide on where to go we gave compiled a list of our 10 most popular bars and clubs in Samui.

# 1 Green Mango Chaweng

Chaweng is the centre of nightlife in Ko Samui and at the apex of this is a place known world wide as the Green Mango. If you are into partying and have been to Samui before you will no doubt have been to this place. Here drinks are cheap and it heaves with sweaty backpackers all getting drunk and looking to pick up. It’s a mad house but this is what makes it so popular.

green mango

# 2 Reggae Pub Chaweng

If you want to play pool and listed to the chilled out tunes of Bob Marley then hit the Reggae Pub. Now holiday destination is complete without the standard reggae bar. This place is what you see is what you get; Bob Marley mixed with Carribean tunes competing with the loud noise outside. There is of course live music played by locals every night.

reggae bar ko samui

# 3 Lamai Central Plaza

In the heart of Lamai there is a place called Central Plaza and it’s here that you can let your hair down and party hard with loud music, cheap drinks and girl bars. It’s a lively, buzzy atmosphere that will keep revelers up till dawn.

lamai central

# 4 Ark Bar Chaweng

Ark Bar is a well known bar and is really popular in Samui. It’s attraction is that it’s right on the beach which draws a mixed crowd. Partygoers can get food and drinks here whilst listening to DJ’s. The owners try to get people in by having fire shows and dancers which seems to do the trick. Because it’s a beach venue the vibe is somewhat toned down and is more relaxed than the other hard core bars found in the Chaweng area. Having said that once the sun goes down and the people dry off fromm lazing by the pool the whole day the place really picks up a notch or two to become a happening night club – this is well worth a visit. Spend the day by the pool and then kick on at night.

ark bar samui

# 5 Bar Ice Chaweng

If you want to cool down from the hot tropical days in Samui then Bar Ice is a great place to spend a few hours. This bar is a permanent ice bar and is in fact quite large with a few separate rooms. A bit of a novelty but is a fun way to kick start the evening with a few vodka shots. It does get down to around 6 degrees but coats are provided. The great part of this bar is the ambiance with LED lighting in a full spectrum of colours creating an interesting backdrop. This is not for everybody but because you are in a tourist destination I guess one of these types of places had to eventually pop up. You could actually end the night here to cool down after a sweaty night out dancing at other Samui venues.

bar ice chaweng

# 6 Black Moon and Escape parties

There are 3 massive rave or dance parties held every month in Ko Samui in exactly the same way as the now infamous and world renown Koh Phangan Full Moon Party. There is 1 Black Moon Party and 2 Half Moon Parties. At the Black Moon Party you will get DJ’s flying in from all over the world to belt out a few tunes. They start as soon as the sun dips below the horizon and finish when the sun comes up. Some revelers are still going throughout the day as what ever they have taken the night before (to keep them up and dancing) slowly wears off. These parties hold about 4000 people and the locations do often change. Previously they were held at Samrong Bay ( at the northern tip of Samui), but the most common venue is now at the Chaweng Event Centre. Ask around when you are there and you will find the exact location of the next event. All local tour operators will be able to help you.

black moon party samui

# 7 Bar Solo Chaweng

Bar Solo is a two strorey very modern building in Chaweng. Sleek interiors and contemporary designs make this place a popular watering hole for many tourists. The place is defined by top music, pool tables and TV screens that show sports. Ideally, you should start the night here with a few mates and kick on to another venue. Get here around 6pm as there are 1/2 priced drinks till 10pm. That should give you enough time to get well and truly primed for the evening.

bar solo chaweng

# 8 Swing Bar Lamai

Swing Bar is a is on the beach at Lamia and here you can sit in suspended chairs from the ceiling while sipping on a cocktail or local brew. Try the rum buckets but be warned about the hangover the next day. You can also smoke a shisha pipe here which seems to have taken off on Samui. If you want a meal then the place has great seafood on the beach as well as other Thai dishes. This is a really popular venue in Lamai so well worth a look if you are staying here.

swing bar

# 9 Ladyboy Cabaret Show Chaweng

Thailand is famous for it’s ladyboys and while you are out at night it’s worth the effort to try to see a show. If you like that sort of thing then you’ll be impressed by their costumes, make up and performances they put on. Try is once and tick it off the to do list.

ladyboy show

# 10 Q Bar Chaweng

This is a really late night venue and doesn’t get going till after 11pm or 12. This is a modern expensive venue but it does have great views and an air of sophistication about it. If your on a budget avoid drinking here.

q bar chaweng