Chiang Mai

The Best Nightlife Spots In Chiang Mai

Chiang Ma is an old city in Northern Thailand that dates back to around 1200. You will find lots of evidence of the city’s ancient history scattered all around, including old city walls, moats and temples to the gods. A city with such a deep historic roots may be the last place you would expect to have a happening nightlife – but you would be wrong! The nightlife scene in Chiang Mai is quite active and has something to offer everyone, regardless of music or entertainment preferences. From night markets and martial arts shows to thumping club music and jazzy sounds – here’s a look at some of the best nightlife spots in Chiang Mai.

Nimmanhaemin Road

Nimmanhaemin Road, known to tourists and locals alike as Chiang Mai’s “Hip Road” is the definitely the place to see and be seen if you’re into the bright, busy, bustling club scene. It’s a trendy strip lined with clubs, bars, markets and cafes. The music you will find here ranges from the most modern techno and grunge sounds to live bands blaring heavy metal. Nimmanhaemin Road tends to attract the younger crowds so if partying well into the morning hours surrounded by 20somethings isn’t your thing, consider this fair warning before you go.

Loi Korh’s GoGo Strip

If you are in the mood for dancing girls and a few drinks with a new friend or two – the GoGo Strip in Loi Korh is the place to go. The massage parlours and ‘clubs’ in this area of the city, located south of The Pae Gate, add a Thai twist on traditional strip clubs you will find in other countries. We will leave it to your imagination exactly what all you can find – or buy – in Loi Korh. However, this area tends to be most active after midnight and is a virtual ghost town during the day so plan accordingly if you are thinking of visiting the girls in Loi Korh.

Old City Pubs

The bars and pubs in the Old City section of Chiang Mai are more laid-back than those you will find down on Nimmanhaemin Road or most other parts of the city. The venues in this section of Chiang Mai have a more western vibe with outdoor patios, softer music and a more relaxed atmosphere. Irish-style pubs, wine bars and beer gardens are what you will find in the Old City area and are perfect for tourists who are a little leery of jumping feet first into the wilder Thai club scene and prefer to stick with familiar-type places they will find back home.

Reggae, Funk and Jazz

Even though Thailand remains a very traditional Asian country, Western culture permeates that culture through a variety of venues, bringing with it a sense of familiarity that Western tourists are drawn to. The Chiang Mai nightlife scene is no different. Reggae, funk and jazz venues account for a large portion of the city’s music offerings and add just the right amount of spice to the Chiang Mai music scene to keep locals and tourists coming back for more. Riverside is where you want to go if jazz music is your thing while the Ratvithi Road area is where you will find a carnival type atmosphere with plenty of Reggae and Funk sounds.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and Walking Street

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and Walking Streets are to lively, yet separate, areas of the city where you will find streets lined with local vendors peddling everything from traditional Thai handicrafts and souvenirs to delicious Asian (and Western) foods. The stalls are lighted and spill into the street, creating a gorgeous tapestry of vibrant colors, sights and sounds. Once you are finished shopping, you can stop by one of the small, out of the way bars that are tucked into the corners for a beer or just have a seat at one of the street-side cafes and people-watch. Sometimes street performers host vibrant cultural displays in these areas, which is a great way to experience other facets of the Thai way of life. Even though these parts of Chiang Mai can be quite busy, they are still family-friendly areas so those traveling with children can experience the lively atmosphere of Chiang Mai after dark – without having to venture into the clubbing districts.