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Have you ever wanted to visit the north of Thailand and go to Chiang Mai? Have you heard all those fabulous stories and rave reviews about Chiang Mai and want to see what all the fuss is about? Well it’s time to tick Chiang Mai off your bucket list.

Chiang Mai is a land shrouded in cloud covered, misty mountains with colourful and very friendly hill tribe people. There is no other area like this in Thailand. It’s a place where; backpackers can go for months exploring the region whilst living relatively cheaply or where travellers from all over the world meet to explore a unique, very exotic culture and colourful way of life.

It’s a delightful and very eclectic mix of old meets new with the rise of tourism. There are now shops, up market restaurants, 5 star hotels and resorts all catering for the mass influx of tourist looking to see something dramatic, breathtaking, stimulating and colourful. It’s a playground for anyone with an adventurous streak in their body.

In Chiang Mai, the inquisitive traveller can do anything from riding elephants in the jungle, learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes in local cooking schools, relax in wonderful day spas, go mountain trekking or simply chill out and absorb the wonderful atmosphere and vibe that Chiang Mai exudes. There is so much to do while at the same time if you feel like relaxing by your hotel pool, with your favourite novel you can do that as well.

If you are up for a bit of nightlife, partying and mixing it up with other travellers after a few drinks, there is ample night life, great restaurants and a fairly lively bar scene in Chiang Mai.

At only 700km north of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is really easy to get to either by rail, road or local internal Thai airlines. It’s close proximity to Bangkok has placed Chiang Mai very firmly on the tourists ‘must visit’ list. It’s easy to get to and travellers are rewarded with stunning, magical like temples, magnificent mountain scenery and a very welcoming people. Basically Chiang Mai has it all and the reason for this is it’s ability to seamlessly merge modern day tourism with it’s old world charm and culture. It actually works really well.

Is this Your First Time To Chiang Mai? Where Should You Book Your Chiang Mai Hotel?

If this is your first trip to Thailand (you are travelling solo, as a couple or with your family) and you are thinking about heading up north to Chiang Mai, you don’t know where to stay or which part of the city is right for you the following guide will help. It’s a got some really useful information to point you in the right direction.

There is nothing worse than booking your hotel room in a part of the city that you don’t like. It can ruin your holiday. We have all been there and made this mistake before.

Should I book my Hotel in Chiang Mai’s Old City?

Chiang Mai’s Old City quarter is super easy to notice. All you need to do is take out a map provided by the may visitor centres and you can spot it. Basically, it’s a square in the heart of the city and as soon as you see the decaying old walls you will know right away that you are in the old part of town. This is what Chiang Mai is famous for; it’s relic temples, lively and exotic markets, really cheap guest houses (back packers take note), small chic clothing stores, bars, restaurants (there are heaps of these), massage parlours (the legitimate ones – offering cheap Thai massage). Basically the old part of the city is worth a visit but unless you are a back packer on a tight budget I would not be staying here. The old city is a hive of activity which is stock standard for most old cities all aver the world. Chiang Mai’s happens to be quite beautiful and exotic.

It’s ideal for back packers and anyone who is on a tight budget. Chiang Mai’s Old City is not so good for travellers wanting resort style hotel accommodation.

What about staying in Chiang Mai’s Riverside?

If your going to Chiang Mai and want some serious down time combined with fabulous views then the Riverside area is the go. It’s not too far from the Old City (about 5-10 min taxi ride), but it feels world’s apart. It’s so much more laid back and chilled out than the Old City yet there is still enough bars and restaurants to keep you busy if you so desire. The Riverside area is known for it’s more upmarket hotels and resorts yet if you look hard enough you will find cheaper accommodation. Again, this is Asia so luxury high end hotels can still be affordable so please shop around on this website for good deals. This website has so many hotel options in Chiang Mai for you to choose from.

Chiang Mia, Night Bazaar – is this a good area to book my hotel room?

If you like a noisy, buzzy atmosphere with all the sights, smells and sounds that go with most night bazaars then this area is great. You are going to find that you are centrally located here (between the Riverside area and Old City) so there’s a lot going on. If your into nightlife the Night Bazaar offers this as well around LoiKhroh Road. Watch out for the seedier parts of this area with the girly bars. In terms of hotels and guest houses this place is crammed with them and the range is as diverse as the typical souvenirs on sale at the bazaar. Imagine an area full of well known international hotels and resorts combined with cheap back packer accommodation – the Bazaar is certainly an eclectic vibe that’s running hot 24/7.

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