5 of the best night markets in Bangkok

Night markets in Bangkok are vibrant, active, full of noise, activity and life. It’s a neon crazed environment where you can pick up almost anything. Clothing, jewellery, trinkets, food, watches, handbags, these markets have it all. It’s a real festive atmosphere and this is why the night markets in Bangkok are so popular with tourist. The best thing about these markets is that they offer local vendors the chance to sell their wares and make an income, which is becoming increasingly difficult with the absolute explosion of shopping malls around Bangkok. These night markets make a great alternative to those air conditioned homogenous shopping centres. These markets have really grown in popularity over the last couple of years as the more trendy local hipster Thai’s are shunning the larger shopping malls for the more authentic local markets. Why? Because anything contemporary and new is not very cool.

Following are 5 of the most hip and happening night markets in Bangkok.

1) Rot Fai Market, Srinakarin

This market is massive and here you will find the largest range of memorabilia. This market is in the east of Bangkok ( having recently moved here – late 2013) and is divided into 3 main parts. Shop for fashion, food and every day items. Remember, this is a big market so leave yourself lots of time.

2) JJ Green

Favoured by locals and ex pats JJ Green is a vintage flea market where you come to shop, have a few drinks and hang out with your mates. This is a short stroll from the giant Chattuchak Weekend Market (which has over 10 000 stalls)! The market is frequented by university students who want a cheap meal in a more chilled out atmosphere. The vibe here is great as you don’t have the madness associated with the other night markets.

3) Asiatique

This is a family friendly, very clean night market that is awesome to walk around and spend the evening browsing through the stalls, shops and restaurants. The streets are wide so you don’t feel cramped and there are lots of dining options. This market is somewhat more modern than the others around Bangkok and hence it does loose it cosy charm but if your with kids this place is perfect.

4) Rot Fai Ratchada

If you have been to Rot Fai Srinakarin but want a more centrally located market then go to it’s sister market at the Ratchada area. It is way more smaller but with that comes a more relaxed shopping experience. Here you will find the usual Thai food stalls but there is also a rand of second hand collectables and retro gear. If you fancy a drink there are places where you can go for a cheap drink (try the local whisky if you can deal with the hang over) at the back of the market and there is also music.

5) Patpong

This place is world famous for its girl bars and exotic adult shows but there are also markets here. Patpong must be the centre of the universe for fake luxury brand items. It’s all here: shoes, watches, wallets, sunglasses and clothing. It doesn’t have the same atmosphere as the other markets but it’s reputation brings in the crowds nightly. You can easily get here using the BTS. Enjoy a night out here as there are many dining options at this market and in the nearby areas.

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