3 Fantastic Days in Ko Samui

There are literally hundreds of ways to spend your holiday time in Ko Samui. The island is jam packed full of exciting things to do if your planning a short holiday break to Ko Samui. It doesn’t have to be 3 days, it can be a week or more. But where does one start planning their Ko Samui getaway? Earching online is a great place to start but everyone seems to have their own take on the island and own opinions and ideas of things to do, so it can get frustrating.

For this blog I’m going to share first-hand very useful information on how to spend your holiday time or 3 days on one of Thailand’s most fantastic holiday destinations.

Getting to Ko Samui from Bangkok

You can do this the long way via bus so Surit Thani and then boat to Ko Samui or get a1 hour direct internal flight from Bangkok. I have done this trip multiple times and unless you are really wanting to save heaps of money and you have unlimited time, I would recommend going by plane. It’s quick and surprisingly cheap. You board the plane in Bangkok and a couple of hours later you are sipping a cocktail by the pool. This is really the very best option. If you are coming from Australia, the best way to do this is to arrive in Bangkok ( there is a direct flight from most capital cities), transit at the airport and get the same day flight to Ko Samui. You will love the convenience of this, especially the cool airport and it’s proximity to Chaweng Beach.

If you want to go by coach be prepared to be held up in traffic, delays as this is Thailand and traffic conditions are chaotic.

Choosing a Resort or Hotel in Ko Samui

You have to choose your parts of the island very carefully. What type of holiday are you after and what’s your budget? If you are into nightlife then hit Chaweng, if you are going with a family and want a more chilled out holiday then try Bophut or Lamai. Chaweng is arguably the most popular tourist hot spot and we spent on our last trip here 3 days right on the beach. It was absolutely fantastic as we could laze by our hotel pool the whole day, while at night we could explore all the cool local restaurants and enjoy some local Thai cuisine. The best way to book a hotel, resort or bungalow in Ko Samui is use this website to search for all your accommodation needs. You will find that we have the largest range at different price points. From budget home stays to luxury resorts – you will find it here online.

Transport Around the Island

Like most people I rented a motorbike or moped and found getting around the island really easy. Getting the bike was simple and all I have to do was provide my passport identification and it costs around $5 Aust dollars per day. Bikes come with their risks but it’s well worth it to drive along the coastal road starting in Chaweng and heading north. It’s a great feeling with the tropical wind in your face, exploring all the villages along the way. If you are there in the rainy season take a rain coat or poncho. Petrol stations are everywhere so if your running low you can easily fill up. Also make sure you take the insurance option with the bike in case anything happens. PLUS what ever you do, never drive the bike after a few drinks. Yes you are on holiday in a country that doesn’t have the same laws back home in Australia but if you falloff or hurt someone else you will be in BIG TROUBLE.

Boat Trips and Island Tours

Sitting by the pool is one thing to do in Ko Samui, but if you have made the effort to get here you should at least spend a day on one of the ocean tours that will take you to one of the marine parks. These are protected and are a nature reserve so the marine life is sensational. Plus you can do other things like kayaking and snorkelling.

You can also do some island hopping by heading off to Ko Tao ( to relax even further) or Ko Phangan (to hit the full moon parties). My recommendation is to find out the best tours to take and search for a good deal ( there are heaps of tour operators all over Koh Samui) and pick which one is right for you.

Grab a Ko Samui Beach Massages

One of the best things to do in Thailand is grab a beach massage or even better a massage in one of the thousands of spas dotted around the island. Nothing beats one of these cheap and dare I say ultra pampering massages. Try getting one for an hour and see how you feel, I can bet anything that this will be part of your daily routine. I like to get a massage just before dinner. Costs are around $10 per hour which is insane value for money! The masseuses are very professional and really know their stuff.

Eating & Drinking

One of the best things about Thailand is the food and Ko Samui is a foodies paradise. There’s so much choice here that you cannot physically do it all. Head off to the Chaweng area for a great night out. Make sure you go to the local markets to experience local Thai dishes at very cheap prices. You’ll get an array of curries, noodle and rice dishes plus for those vegans out there you will always grab a quick veggie stir fry. Night time in Ko Samui is all about fun, excitement and a really ‘buzzy’ over the top atmosphere. Something is always happening and this includes the drinking scene. If you want to party till dawn then Chaweng at Ko Samui is the answer. There is bar and club over load here. All you need to do is walk around the main street area and your going to bump into something that takes your fancy.

For a more relaxed night out you need to get out of Chaweng and head off to Lamai or the Fishermans village.

Go Shopping in Ko Samui

If you like trinckets and souvenirs then Ko Samui has an abundance on offer. Plus add to this the array of fake designer handbags, Rolex watches and sun glasses. There are shops everywhere selling Singha beer singlets, local hand made clothing to jewellery. You can even get tattoos here. Make sure you are prepared to haggle and bargain a bit as this is part of the fun and shopping experience. There are pop up / make shift stalls every where. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything you’ll probably end up getting something – it’s that tempting. Thailand is a shopaholics paradise. Word of advice here; don’t’ come to Ko Samui with a full suitcase as you will want to fill it up with lots of goodies.